New Dependency Check

After we selected SQL Server and databases, we can check dependencies of a certain object among other objects in selected SQL Servers / databases.

To begin, we need to click on:
  • New Dependency Check button in toolbar, or
  • File > New Dependency Check from main menu

New dialog opens. Example is shown below:


We need to set few parameters:
  • Object Name - full or partial name of one or more objects we want to search for dependencies
  • Object Match - method which will be used to search for matching objects by given name
  • Search Option - There are two options:
    • Top-Down - This option will search for all objects on which searched objects depends on
    • Bottom-Up - This option will search for all objects that depend on searched objects
  • Force Full Database Refresh - Information about objects and dependencies is loaded into internal application memory only once for each database. This is done to speed-up searching for dependencies. If you believe data in database might be changed, you can check this to refresh internal database

Once all parameters are set, click on View Dependencies to get the results


If we want to search for all objects on which object that is equal to 'procDdsEtlFactArchiveCreditContractNoteCurrent' dependes on, we would do following:


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